Consolidate and automate cloud billing

Whether you buy from one indirect CSP, multiple or a mix of direct and indirect vendors our solution is designed for you
Billing features
Pricing flexibility

Margin rules by product, brand, price and category

Automatic Calculation

Pro rata billing. Multiple charge types – one-off, recurring, consumption

Credit controls

Set spend limits Real time overspend alerts

Automatic invoicing

Abiding by contract Tax calculation


Offer a range of payment methods including credit card


Matches supplier and end user bills so nothing is missed

A single bill

Across all cloud services and suppliers


Line item billing of each service

Billing reports

Charts, graphs and reports to give you and your customers visibility

Seamlessly connected
The process

How it works


All bills are automatically collected from both your Indirect and direct suppliers


Pro rata, credits, consumption, annual and monthly subscriptions and applies margins by customer, brand, price range and category


Invoice instructions are sent directly to the MSP ERP or accounting system

Customer receipt

One invoice is then sent to each customer breaking down every service and period by line item

*Our customers who take the marketplace can also offer the end customers online access to their bills.

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  • Invoices are created on the day so no billing delays – meaning you are paid more quickly
  • A single bill to the customer clearly broken down – saving their admin and giving clarity
  • No costly admin by your team manually creating the bills
  • Pro rate and consumption bills automatically picked apart
  • Full visibility of what you are billing for
  • Calculates differential pricing by customer by brand and by service
  • Allows for volume discounts and tier based increases
  • Allows for cost allocation by department
  • Reconciles bills to suppliers for accuracy
  • Manage all changes made throughout your subscription flows, including upgrades or downgrades, renewals, restoring an expired subscription, and much more
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