Subscription management platform

A complete toolset for MSPs to effectively sell and manage 7,000 Cloud services, from 100s of vendors sold both directly and indirectly
Simplify and organise the sale and billing of cloud services
Buying from multiple cloud vendors – both direct and indirect – on recurring and consumption models – with complications of prorate billing, recurring charges, vendor introductory discounts and trials – plus agreed and margin based prices by end customer mean a cloud subscription management platform is a must
  • One source of truth - No more need for you to log in to multiple systems.
  • One bill for your customers – fully line itemised by service.
  • Bills from multiple suppliers and vendors reconciled in one place.
  • Self service – Customers can check their own bills and licences across all cloud services.
  • Central reminders of subscription renewal and hence sales opportunities highlighted.
  • Target and rebate reminders.
Key features
License management
Assign licenses
Customer binding
Rebate reminders
Cloud prospecting leads
PSA service ticket link
Purchase workflows
Full billing reports
Sales opportunities highlighted
Onboarding and offboarding templates
Subscription renewal reminders
Reasons to buy
  • Grow your subscription busines
  • Sell more – let them browse and order from your marketplace
  • Save time – reduce support as customers can find answers to their questions
  • Centralize your onboarding & management
Your brand, Your strategy
  • Active customers & subscriptions
  • Curate the services that you sell
  • Bundle items together into packages
  • Add your own services
Analytics and reporting
License management
Customer binding
Rebate reminders
Assign licenses
Cloud prospecting leads
Direct Relationships

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